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Hope, Optimism, and Wonder...

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Where are they within you?

Are you curious about new choices?


Can you see with fresh eyes?




We begin life in pure wonder.


Wonder never leaves us.

But we tend to forget.

Let's begin to remember.


Fresh Perceptions

is about the

freedom to make new choices with fresh eyes,

and discovering surprising experiences and insights.


Dr. Christine King

Founder, Fresh Perceptions


That freedom is here

right now,

inside of you and me.


A Snapshot of Christine



Doctorate in Counseling

Consultant to global Fortune 200 companies

University Professor and Administrative Director a MS program in Organizational Leadership

Public Relations Director, Esalen Institute

Global University Professor in the U.K., Germany,Korea, Japan, and Spain for over 20 years

Founder, Fresh Perceptions

Author, Choosing Compassion: The Enneagram’s Nine Pathways


Fresh Perceptions' Clients


are asking questions about what has meaning and value at this time in their lives. Some are revisiting their priorities as they face changing family dynamics, new relationships, career choices, retirement, health and aging.


Using Fresh Perceptions' innovative, interactive methods,


we help you identify and appreciate the choices that will support your values and priorities.


Navigating changes

becomes natural and even exciting when your experiences of wonder guide you forward.







Deeper Insights



“Christine helps me see and understand my patterns and the patterns of my clients.”



Dr. Marty Ingram

Through the Woods Natural Health




“I don’t want to miss my life. 

With Christine's Fresh Perceptions methods, I won’t!”



Dori Miller

Former, Managing Partner in one of the largest Fiduciary law firms in Atlanta.  Currently National Marketing Director, Juice Plus+ Company, managing the Western North Carolina region.


Fresh Choices



“Our executive team thrives as we choose to see each other’s strengths, creativity and each person's essence.”



Linda Stokes

CEO, PRISM International




"Christine helped me release habits that had held me prisoner for decades.”



Marilyn Marslanka


US Military Nurse, Orthopedic surgery, during Vietnam War, Retired


Let's Meet

in my office in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, NC.;

or by Skype, FaceTime or phone.