Organizations & Team Consulting


Fresh Perceptions offers complimentary consultations to organizations and teams.  


We want to know the questions you are asking.  Change often begins with a question. 


We want to explore creative possibilities that will meet the needs of your organization at this time.


Curiosity about wonder may appear odd, unrelated to your bottom line.

However, our experience has been the opposite.  As people see with fresh eyes and make fresh choices they become more productive, creative and collaborative.


Fresh Perceptions’ programs for organizations and teams:

  1.      Improve collaboration and cooperation.
  2.      Focus upon team member’s strengths.
  3.      Develop processes that support both efficiency and human  relationships.
  4.      Create fresh enthusiasm, vitality and commitments to the organization’s visions.

Our programs begin with one-on-one sessions with individuals using Fresh Perceptions' Pattern Identification Activity.

Without written forms or computerized assessments, our interactive process enables people to identify their patterns of thoughts, feelings and choices -– those that support them in their workplace and those that may not.

People receive the results from their Pattern Identification as well as information about their particular patterns that would best support the organization’s overall effectiveness.


In follow-up sessions, people receive information about:

  1.      Noticing how their patterns influence teamwork.
  2.      Applying new practices to re-focus their attention.
  3.      Integrating insights about how to support teamwork.
  4.      Engaging in constructive conflict-resolution.
  5.      Appreciating that work can be joyful with fresh eyes and fresh choices.

As we ask new questions, we create rewarding and even amazing results. 

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