“That’s it, that's my Essence!  Focusing on my strengths, not my weaknesses, helps me move my new business vision forward.”

-- Vicki Schenter, Equestrian trainer, teacher



"Fresh Perception’s helped my husband and me to begin our marriage valuing our differences.  Now we are observing our son's patterns.  Such a loving, helpful way for a family to grow!"

-- Nicole Ehrlich, Graphic Designer



"Knowing my patterns gives me many more choices and freedom."

-- Kim Walzer, Mother, Small Business Owner 


"Christine King will astonish you with her intuitive insights."

-- Michael Hallinan

"I felt transformed -- Guided Forest Walks take us home to ourselves. "

 -- Dan, Executive VP, Florida Training Co.


“Our executive team judges less and supports more!  That makes a huge difference!” 

--Suzanne Caudell, M.S. Executive Director, C.O.R.E.

" Our daughter's creativity, sensitivity and brilliant sense of humor are blossoming.  Knowing our patterns is exciting and fun!"

-- Adrienne Kramer, Physical Therapist, Integrative Manual Therapy

“It’s refreshing and energizing to deeply appreciate my strengths at 71.”

-- Ron Marslanka, Financial Analyst

"The Pattern Identification system is amazing - never seen anything like it!  Knowing my three boys patterns helps me be a better dad."

-- David Field, Father, Storyteller

"Understanding my partners patterns and my own helps us to deeply appreciate each others strengths and to be more tolerant of our differences.”

-- Don Baker, Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology

"Fresh Perceptions makes it possible for people to live into their full essence."

 -- Randy Siegel, Author of the Amazon bestseller: “In Search of  The One: How to Attract the Relationship You’ve Always Longed For."

"Christine helped me to discover ways to live a healthier life; being more aware of myself, others and how to explore the art of asking questions."

-- Marjorie Love, Retired USPS Sales Executive