Individuals, Couples and Families


First sessions:

All first sessions begin with the Fresh Perceptions’ Pattern Identification Activity:  This interactive, personalized process enables you to identify your particular strengths – some you may be aware of, others perhaps not.  We focus upon those core qualities that you enjoy and appreciate, and that will most support your well-being at this time in your life.

You will receive:

  • Detailed, specific information about your thought, feeling and choice patterns (without computerized or written assessments).
  • Ways to access and develop your core qualities.
  • Methods for integrating your fresh insights and fresh choices.

Advanced sessions address subjects, such as:

  • Noticing how certain patterns affect all aspects of your life. 
  • Recognizing the specific patterns that affect relationships.
  • Giving more attention to your healthy conscious choices.  
  • Paying less attention to patterns that lead to autopilot, automatic choices.
  • Discerning between healthy conscious choices and automatic reactions.
  • Applying new practices that re-focus your attention.
  • Integrating new insights into daily life.